Sunday, October 18, 2009

S.F.- bay area- Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz-

Our stint was short. You have good food and good people. It was nice to smell the ocean air and see the water from my hotel. Hanging out on the balcony you could hear the seals barking at night. I then imagined a wrestling ring and spectator area that was filled with seals. They were drinking beer, eating peanuts, and watching Christi Alley battle Roseann Bar on their bellies fighting for the last vanilla waffer. Thanks Santa Cruz for the nice evening of imagination

S.F. - Bay Area

What's good Bay Area? If the sidwalk could talk it would say, " well Ike I didn't get pissed on yet today, so that's good." me knowing and the sidwalk knowing through out the day his chances of getting urinated on are about 100%. but I'd say " Thats nice sidwalk, be good." S.F is one of my favorite places to stop, but never have enough time really kick it. I did how ever have time to get some new kicks. Thanks Adidas.

Friday, October 16, 2009


So my posts have been negitive lately. Last negitive post for awhile. Man,..... Where does one start. I can't believe people live in some of these places. This town is dead. You're not Vegas, Atlantic City, dang you are not even Wisconsin Dells. If it wasn't for the mountian drive and the sun sending its rays of little hope to you Reno, you might off yourself. Hang in there though. Think of it this way, if California falls into the ocean, you'll have a chance. Don't hold your breath. All bets are off. Fake Vegas chump. I was gonna make a superman reference about california and the fault line, desert becomes beach front property but I decided not to. Plus this was Nevada.


Santa Cruz is next.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's up North Cal

Arcata CA - The good & not so good.

1. You are right by the ocean and a very magnificent forest. - good
You having these two things sends a message to young adults that it's ok to smell like wookie piss and not wash themselves. - not good

2. Everyone from a distance looks friendly enough and laid back. Which is cool I guess. -good
Maybe your "LAX" attitude makes people feel a little to at home no matter where they are at. Example, " hey, my car hood is not your
couch"..." nah bro what's yours is mine and what's mine is yours"......... Really because I was totally looking for my patch quilt pants, rusted root cd, and my canning jar filled with some sort of liquid with floaters the size of milk duds. Milk duds, yes milk duds. Oh you don't eat candy. Okay bye.

5. I gotta quit this one. Reno is next. Watch out Nevada.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Portland, Eugene, & the most beautiful drive

Portland -
Hello friend, sorry I was unable to spend the normal Portland time I usually give you. A nice walk across your crusty/homeless bridge to grab some of the best doughnuts ever made would have been nice. Voo Doo doughnuts you are so good, I could eat you all day. To stroll past Marys and wave a hand to the nice lovely people that work there. On to Upper Playground where you did NOT get my money this time (Weird). To the Jupiter Hotel where your bar was open for another half hour but you would not let me pass to your patio because you said you were closing. I felt cheated, I overlooked from my balcony and watched all the fire sitters enjoy the flames of warmth and comfort. I feel a little cheated Portland just a little cheated.

Hello, I know that we've only met once before. I must say you are scary. I cant decide if you'd be better off with walls surrounding you. Not to keep you in, but to keep others like me out. I am not ready for your ways. I think you might find this seclusion nice. Plus I would prefer if the ZOMBIES stayed in a secured area.

P.S. - Its not me, It is you.


I will be back to check out the red woods and the ocean. The one thing that would have made this drive any better would be to have my lady with me. (and getting rid of the 6 other guys in the van). This drive was incredible. It made me feel so small. In a matter of seconds I wanted to climb everything, pretend that I was an Ewok, kill Nazi's(as a child I would run around the woods and kill nazi's), and play with bugs.
So I did most of these things when we pulled over the van. We took a group photo, I climbed things, I held a slug that was 5 inches long and yellow, and we talked about Ewoks. I didn't get the chance to really flip my mindset into killing Nazi's, maybe next time forest.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Just spent a couple days in good ol Canada. We took the ferry to Victoria had a great show. The ferry that we were suppose to take back got delayed due to it catching fire. So we had to wait at the port for about two hours to catch the next ferry to come in. Onto Vancouver . Vancouver is alright. There are a lot of interesting characters walking arond at night. It reminds me of the tenderloin in S.F. With a mix of Duluth crazy. It feels good to be in the states for the the use of my phone. Hope everyone is good.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh Canada, your not a state

I have been on the road again. This time out with Brother Ali, Evidence ( dialeted peoples), Toki wright, and Bk One. We have been out for about 2 weeks. On our way to Canada. First stop in Canada is Victoria. I like the west part on our neighbors up north but the middle is aweful. Until you get to Montreal Toronto area. We were in Seattle last night and Spokane the night before. Not much to write about either of these places. I did have some of the best fish and chips last night though. I'm gonna try really hard to keep up with this blog and tour. So let's see what Canada brings to the tabe and maybe I won't stab it's hand with my fork.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Houston TX

Well it's hot. I can not remember a time when I have been in such a constant heat. I feel like a micro organism that is living in the armpit of a giant monster. Imagine that monster doing 800 push ups in 98 degree heat and not stopping to cool down or go into a giant monster hotel to relax or chill. Sometimes I wish I could just infect this monster and get back to some reasonable temperature. We have had the whole day off but it has been so hot I have only left the bus to eat and shower. Sorry Houston, but I think you should relocate.